Dorminy Homestead, Circa 1855, Ben Hill County

Historic Dorminy Farm House Ben Hill County GA Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2008

Thanks to Diana Steed Hair for sharing the history of this house, to my knowledge the oldest now surviving in Ben Hill County. The first owners were Bradford and Alexander Stephens Dorminy.

3 thoughts on “Dorminy Homestead, Circa 1855, Ben Hill County

  1. drtrd Post author

    I’m so glad it was useful to you Camille. It has always been my hope that people will connect to their roots through my effort. I have another image posted at, with a bit of background information, and will search my vast personal archive for even more photos of the property. To my knowledge it’s the oldest house still standing in Ben Hill County, and was built around 1850. The Dorminy clan remains one of the largest and most successful in the area, so good luck tracking them down!

  2. C Daniel

    Thank you for this photo, it is so timely too. John Bradford Dorminy was my GGGGrandfather and just this month I have been reviewing and searching for photos of family and old homes, this one in particular. I have seen one of the original look, before the renovations in the 1910’s, and one after and an overhead shot and now this one, which I must say is very nice; again thank you. If you have any more of the Dorminy’s I would love to see them. Sincerly, Camille Daniel


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