Union Primitve Baptist Church, Coffee County

historic union primitive baptist church coffee county ga phoitograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2009

2 thoughts on “Union Primitve Baptist Church, Coffee County

  1. drtrd Post author

    Thanks for the comment Lucy. I enjoyed your reminiscences of a very different time, and I’m glad that my image helped bring those memories back to you. I believe Union Primitive Baptist Churche must be one of the oldest in the area, as there are very well preserved gravestones there dating back to the mid-1800s. It also must have been a very large church, judging by the cemetary. Thanks again!

  2. Lucy Schell

    I was surprised when doing some research for a home/family project that I find this picture.
    My maternal grandmother was a member of this church and I spent many Sundays on the slat pews using the “funeral home” fans to attempt to bring a breeze across my face. Through the years, my family continues relationships with the members there. My family has a cemetery plot in the adjoining church cemetery. This little church has been modernized.
    Air conditioning, cushioned pews, social hall, and Sunday School rooms have been added. While the membership may be small, their hearts are large, and they are always looking forward. God is surely in their presence.
    I am flooded with memories of “big meetings”, family attendance, old members now gone, and members still there. It only takes a moment to close my eyes and see my grandmother in her Sunday dress and hat singing “Amazing Grace.” These places are special and should not be forgotten, even in our busy lives.
    Thank you for adding the picture to your blog and reminding me of this very special place.


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