Snipes Farmhouse, 1909, Ray City

ray city ga snipes house photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2008

Thanks to Donna Drawdy Floyd for identifying this house, which was the homeplace of her aunt and uncle, Arthur & Louise Garner Snipes. Thanks to Walter Snipes, also. He notes that the house was built for a pharmacist, Dr. Terry, and was owned by the Swain family until the Snipes purchased it in the late 1950s.


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9 responses to “Snipes Farmhouse, 1909, Ray City

  1. Jacqueline A Baker

    Wow! My Great Great Grandmother Amanda aka Mandy and her Husband Riley Miller lived in Ray City, this is where she died back in 1922 I believe. If anyone know any other information about her and her husband this would be a wonderful blessing to me, because I have no pictures of them let alone her daughter Ida Miller Beckton my grandmother. Thank you for sharing, this gives me so much hope.

  2. rickbuds153

    I spent a lot of time there with my aunts, uncles, cousins and my sweet Granny Snipes. Very good memories that I will always treasure

  3. Donna Drawdy Floyd

    Uncle Arthur and Aunt Louise Garner Snipes home place and farm where they raised their children.

  4. Walter Snipes

    This house was built in 1909 for a Dr. Terry (pharmacist). It was later bought by the Swain family and in the late 50’s was purchased by the Snipes family, the current owners.

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  6. Jim McGill

    My folks lived in Ray city after coming there from Clinch County in the 1920’s…The McGill and the Lloyd’s…This old house sure reminds me of the Old Lloyd house when I was a child…Wow..

    • Jim, this house is on the road to Adel, just outside the city limits. I believe the road may even be called Old Adel Road locally…

      • Rick Snipes

        On the corner of Adel Hwy and Possum Creek Rd. We lived there with my Granny Snipes for awhile in the 70s. A lot of good memories on that farm.

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