Rentz House, Graham

This house has deteriorated rapidly since I first photographed it in 2009. The roof damage appears to be the most serious threat at the present time.

11 thoughts on “Rentz House, Graham

  1. Lynette Stephens

    I had a Great Aunt Lou Rentz who lived in Baxley. She was a Reddish before marrying into the Rentz family. I’m curious to know if this was perhaps the home she lived in for many, many years. She lived into her age of at least 90. She raised 2 children in Baxley. I really don’t know anything about her husband. For some reason I think his 1st name might have been Harry, but really not sure that is correct. He had passed long before I was able to know him. I’m writing this info hoping maybe this will sound familiar to someone who can add to this.
    Thank you, LYNETTE SWEAT STEPHENS, Jacksonville, Fla.

  2. Don Truett

    Hey Everyone,
    This is Don Truett
    Did I ready that the Rentz House burned down in Graham.
    Do you know which Rentz lived there

    I would like to hear form yall

    My email is:
    Becky and Alex know how to reach me.



  3. Tammy

    Such a terrible waste for this house to be in disrepair. It would be nice if someone could fix it up to where it’s at the least —presentable.

  4. Alex Rentz

    The front door has a large oval glass with beveled edges. On either side is stained glass. Something else that is neat, is the scroll work in the foyer. Also the mantels with beveled edge mirrors. It has large pocket doors connecting the foyer with the living area.

  5. Jim Rentz

    I Love this site. Great pictures from my favorite part of my favorite state. Even though I’ve lived in Virginia for over 30 years now, Georgia is still home. I grew up in Glynn County in a little community about 20 miles west of Brunswick, called Thalmann. I hope to come back home after I retire in a couple of years. My mother’s family is mostly in and around Ware county, while my father’s family is from the Appling county/Baxley area. And since our last name is Rentz, this house immediately caught my attention. A different line of the family to be sure since my grandfather was a sharecropper and would have never been able to have afforded anything like this house. But, a part of the same family to be sure. Rentz is not a very common name. I have relatives all over the state, but mostly in South Georgia. There is also a little town in Laurens County called Rentz. I would love to have more history on the house and the town. Keep up this great work that you’re doing. You bring back some great memories for a lot of us.

  6. Becky

    Hi Brian,
    I discovered this house a couple of months ago, while on a road trip. It is in need of much repair. It is called the Rentz House, it was thier family home. They also, had a cafe in Hazlehurst, Ga. (The White Kitchen Cafe). I wish you could have gotten a closeup of the front door and the surrounding yard, maybe if you are through that area again you can. Thanks for the GREAT work you have done, your photos are excellent!!!
    P.S. Your Long County collection is awesome! I am from that area.

  7. Lovely Home

    I have always been inerested in the past and especially my GA roots. I have an article and picture of my greatgrandfather’s house in Ben Hill county. I would be happy to e-mail a copy to you.
    I spent my summers and most weekends at my grandfather’s farm. Unfortunately, the place burned a couple of years ago. I have that picture and story, too.
    Annie Wynn


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