Commercial Ruins, Charing

charing ga abandoned storefronts photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

I made these photographs in 2010. As of 2016, I don’t know if these structures are still standing.

charing ga commercial ruins photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

The structure pictured above appears to have been a warehouse of some kind. The store on the left (below) was owned by Lewis Watson and also housed the Charing post office.

charing ga ghost town ruins photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

As of late 2020, these structures are gone.


12 thoughts on “Commercial Ruins, Charing

  1. Elaine Wright

    Thanks for sharing, visited those places long ago,but now I miss them with the new road. Yes there are several other little communities, one on US Highway 19 South, named Rupert. And it still has a Post Office, but they are of the main road.

  2. Sara Jane Garrett McKone

    Charing was my home until i was 15. My grandparents were Roscoe Gorman Duke and Sara Early Brooks Duke; Robert Lester Garrett and Janie Terry Garrett. His Mother, Georgia Virginia Woodall Garrett, my great grand mother is the person who ran the ‘hotel’ I believe you are referring to.

  3. Larry GILL

    My grandmother (Amy Gill) on my fathers side lived about half way between Charing and Mauk. My grandmother and grandfather (Geoge and Jewell Watson)always lived in or very close to Charing. All the cousins lived in Butler. Some of the best memories I have are times in Taylor County, specially with Mama Jewel, Daddy George and Mama Gill. Uncle Lewis Watson owned the store in Charing when we could buy a Coke for 5 cents. Everybody had a fit when the price of a Coke went to 6 cents!! Wow, the memories from those times. Would love to visit the Hotel in Charing one more time. Bubba (Hugh Watson) lived there when I was in 5th to 7th grade. Spent many nights there. Could keep going but ……..
    Larry Gill

  4. John Saunders

    I grew up in butler and had friends in Charing.I used to buy candy and cokes at the store.I took a photograph there that was published in Photographers Forum,”Best of 2001″,book.The store was next to a Farmers and Merchants bank.In Mauk there was a WPA schoolhouse.

  5. Gwen Simmons

    I am interested in photos of Charing and stories of what went on there in the early nineteen 1900s. There is 101 year old boarding house there which is a private home now that is in excellent condition. I would like to know of other buildings and stories about the town and also pictures. My father lived in Tazewell which is west of Charing. Where did the town come from?

    1. John Saunders

      The house was or is owned bw the Hobbs family.There are some people that live near Mauk that have a photograph of the charing storeffont.I am sorry.I know where they live but do not remember their name.I have photos fron inside the Mauk school as I attended there in 1970.Joe Adams in butler may be able to give you morre info.

  6. judi tome

    What a delightful blog! I am searching for buildings in Taylor County (Reynolds, Potterville, Butler) because I desperately want to do a painting for my dad, who grew up there. Potterville Pond, the old mill, Sikes Country Store, Windham Five and Dime, Goddard Funeral Home, that kind of stuff. It looks like you are taking photos of buildins as they currently exists. Thank you for preserving history from a simpler time! You have towns on here that I have never heard of …WOW!

    1. drtrd Post author

      Thanks so much, Judi! I plan on getting to Taylor County again soon…I’ve been through Charing and Mauk, but not those other great towns you mentioned…Soon, though!

    2. John Saunders

      Try the LL Minor bldg next to the old RR terminal.It is owned by Ward Edwards and is a political museum that he leaves (or used to) unlocked.Look for the chicken next to the gas pump.


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