Horne’s Restaurant, Jesup

jesup ga hornes restaurant photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

This is located south of Jesup on US 301. Horne’s was a chain which was most active on Southern highways in the 1950s and 1960s, and one of Stuckey’s main competitors. Sandy Finn recalls that it was owned for a time by Paul and Betty Nations. David Harper notes, via Facebook, that this was later home to Hoke’s Truck Stop and their main menu item was, not surprisingly, fried shrimp. Comments from Lamar Sanders lead me to believe this was not the first location of Hoke’s. He writes: On field trips to collect streamflow data for the USGS around 1970, I and the man who worked with me would stay in the motels south of Jesup, and eat shrimp and breakfast at Hoke’s restaraunt. One morning, we when we got there, Hoke had raced across the street I suppose to beat the traffic, and had run his car into his restaraunt, overturning the table my friend and I usually ate at. I remember Hoke sitting despondently at one of the other tables. He did have good shrimp and also good breakfasts! The walls of the Hoke’s I went to were still in the bushes a few years ago. I don’t think the restaraunt I am talkng about is the Horne’s in the photo. Maybe he had a resaraunts in more than one place?


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19 responses to “Horne’s Restaurant, Jesup

  1. It was a Hoke’s truck stop at one time and every Friday, whenever husband got paid from his job at Wayneline Furniture Company, she would get that quail dinner on her way home to Manningtown! I was with her many times! I loved the souvenirs and colorful peacock bedspreads moving in the breeze. This was once a thriving road of business before interstates ruined”traffic flow/businesses all along that highway! I think it was a Stock’s before that. The building changed hands a few times. I am 60 years old and a local.

  2. Mike McKemy

    My Grandparents, Kyle & Faye Blevins managed this Horne’s early to mid 60s

  3. John B. Gay

    Remember the Atkinson’s Pecans up and down 301 ? Any pics or info on them?

  4. Larry

    The place you have pictured with the yellow roof was indeed Horne’s. It was located between Jesup & Broadhurst on 301 South. Stuckey’s was located on 301 North between Jesup and the Wayne & Long County line. I am not 63 years old and have lived in Jesup all of my life so I am very familiar with the area. Also on 301 North across from where Stuckey’s was located was a Howard Johnson’s next to Motel Jesup. Also on 301 North was a restaurant called the Mimosa where off to the side was a large concrete block tank that held a very large alligator as I remember seeing it on several occasions.

  5. My dad was the manager of Horne’s in Augusta for a while in the 1970s.

  6. Anne

    This was the Horne’s south of Jesup, Ga. on US 301. Hoke’s Truck Stop was the next business. They were about 2 miles north of Broadhurstand about 5 or 6 miles south of Jesup. My mother worked at Horne’s so I remember it very well.

  7. I don’t think you should call it a Stuckey’s yet.. I can’t see where there was a restaurant across the street from it. I’m thinking Motel Jesup might have been in the town of Jesup and this yellow roof building is halfway between Jesup and Screven. Also 301 and 25 cross in the middle of Jesup I’m not from this area so don’t take my word but I’m with you on thinking it was a Horne’s before it was a truck stop. Thanks for the reply.

    • I’ll change it back if I have to 🙂 I was writing a bigger post at the time.

    • I have changed it back to Horne’s. After an image search this was the exact style of Horne’s and as I mentioned in the re-revised post, the Stuckey’s of the time had a low roofline. Even if locals don’t recall a Horne’s, it was a bit south of “town” and maybe they just don’t recall. A Google image search of the two chains will bear me out. I’ve had fun with this one, though. Thanks!

    • Larry

      This building was between Jesup & Broadhurst. It was NOT between Jesup & Screven. There was nothing like this between Jesup & Screven but woods and farm land.

      • Thanks. I’ll update. I travel a lot and sometimes get the wrong location.

      • You are right Larry. It ‘s between Jesup and Broadhurst. But to me traveling that road it’s halfway between Jesup and Screven because I’m either going to Jesup or Screven. I didn’t mean to give the wrong info tho. My apology!!

  8. Brian, I posted this on my page Forgotten Ga today (my own picture of course) and can’t get anyone to say it was ever a Horne’s. Two people say it was Hoke’s Truck Stop. Do you remember where you got your info or if you were just going by the yellow roof?

    • I think this is misidentified on my page Forgotten Ga! I’m actually glad you pointed it out. Comments suggest it was a Stuckey’s. I’ve been doing a lot of back edits lately so will correct this ASAP. Thanks again!

  9. Stuckeys Billboards or Signs along the highway drove (no pun intended) you crazy. It was like 987 miles til Stuckey’s then 554 miles to Stuckey’s and so forth. Finally getting there, is that what it was? I think we stopped there too. And does anyone remember a small restaurant chain called “Aunt Sarah’s Pancake House?”

  10. Amy Wachtel

    I suspect that this is (was) the Stuckey’s that was across the street from the Motel Jesup on US Route 301 & 25. In the 1960’s & early 70’s my family owned and ran this motel. It was adjacent to a Howard Johnsons and across from a Stuckey’s. what a great find. thank you for the bittersweet memories!

    • Jerry Levy

      I stayed at Motel Jesup in 1976 enroute to Florida, and ate at the Stucky’s across the street. Real sorry to see what the place has become.

  11. Greg Garrison


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