Rountree Grocery & Post Office, Egypt

egypt ga rountree grocery photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010

Jackie Monson Purdy writes: This was the old store, use to also house the Post Office. Mrs. Nita Rountree was the Postmistress. Her husband Frank ran the store. Their use to be at least one gas pump out front. One of the old kind with the tank on top. And it had to be pumped to dispense the gas. They sold penny candy, and had large
barrels around in the store with supplies in them. They also had a stove in the middle near the rear for cold weather. Right across the road was the Train station. For many years we use to ride the train from Savannah to Egypt. When my Grandfather Thomas Absalom Dutton married Mattie Carroll Fryar of Magnolia, South Carolina, he was the  station master and Railway Express agent. She was the telegraph operator there.


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11 responses to “Rountree Grocery & Post Office, Egypt

  1. Janet Royal

    My name is Janet Royal, My father’s family grew up here. There are many Royals in that hidden cemetary you mentioned. The store was owned by Royals as well. Was called the Royal store when I was little.

  2. Caroline Winters

    This is Effingham County and this old store is in Egypt. I should know …since I live here. Its across from the old house that you posted a picture of.

  3. Tom

    I grew up in Effingham County, and I used to go in this store almost every Saturday during hunting season in the late 80’s, when we had a hunting clubhouse across the road, roughly from where this picture was shot. I’m amazed that it’s still standing. Thanks for bringing back a pleasant memory from my teenage years.

  4. bobbie

    the picture above is not Egypt, Ga. I believe it’s Doles, Ga.

    • Bobbie, this is definitely not Doles. This is Egypt, in Effingham County.

      • David Schoffstall for the Reynolds family

        Bobbie, There is an old cemetery that has graves from the Reynolds, Giddens and Shaw families in an area west of Doles, Ga north on Fiveash road off of Hwy 32 that at one time was called Egypt. This is info we got from my wife’s aunt whose mother used to take her there in her younger years. A few years ago we finally located the cemetery which is the only thing left of the community. The cemetery is grown over by the woods and cannot be seen from Fiveash road. My son and I are considering the task of chopping down the trees and clearing out the overgrowth some day.
        If anyone wishes more info and pics of the graves let me know. David

  5. bobbie

    there is nothing left of Egypt, ga. Just an abandoned cemetery, located on Fiveash rd off hwy 32. I have been to this cemetery. You would never know it’s there unless someone was familiar with the history of it. And that would be my mother, deceased now. She told us Egypt, Ga had a grocery store and church at one time, but the cemetery is all that remains. If interested in where this is, please contact me. I checked at the Worth Co. court house some years back and there was no record of this existing. believe me it’s there.

  6. Tom Robinson

    Looks to be, still, in great shape – shame that it cannot be used, and useful, again. But, Egypt – like so many other small, rural communities – may be in decline, more-so than growing.

    • Harris Ruth

      I spent many summers with my grandparents in Egypt. There were two stores, the other the old Denmark store. My grandfather would stop at both so as not to offend anyone. There was an old water pump just across the street where the pulpwooders would stop to fill their mason jars for the days hard work. Right behind the pump a field where the boys played baseball. We had a team but had to have Oliver Georgia boys come up, so we could have 9 players for the team. The train used to run through Egypt which is how I would travel to get there. Cows roamed free and the roads were all dirt. My fondest memories are of Egypt and my summers spent there.

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