Alma Thornton’s Store, K’Ville

kville ga alma thorntons store photograph copyright brian brown vanishing south georgia usa 2010


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6 responses to “Alma Thornton’s Store, K’Ville

  1. Jay Thornton

    My Grandpa, Joe Thornton, is Uncle Alma’s brother. My dad used to take me to visit when I was a kid and I remember well Uncle Alma calling me Little Frog. See, he gave my dad, Harold, the nickname ‘Frog’ when he was a kid. I understand he did that with a number of people through the years. I remember grape Nehi’s, honey buns, and the occasional ice cream and stories of the Thornton family from years past. Sure wish I could have recorded those stories to be able to recall whenever I wanted. Grandpa’s dad had a store there in K’ville too at one time just across the crossroads. He sold everything under the sun just as Uncle Alma did. You could buy groceries, farm supplies, and PVC pipe. Didn’t have to go into town toget everything one needed. I’ve joined so as to research my family ties and filling in my family tree. Proud to be a part of this family.

    • Lori O'Dell

      I have done my DNA on ancestry and it is public. My mom was Anna Lee mullis. Her mama was Hattie Gladys Thornton. Harris’s dad was George Thornton. Hattie is buried at Big Creek primitive Baptist church.
      Thornton store has a Facebook page!

  2. Fred

    Bishop. I recall Mr. “ Almar “ having oranges and other citrus fruit for sale around the holiday season. In the 70’s I bought wings, points, slides to replace those that were worn out on a 2 bottom turn plow I was using to prepare land for corn planting. I believe they were Athens Plow Co brand of Tenn, American Made. His store was an interesting place to visit……

  3. Deal

    Such great memories of this store! An OASIS in the middle of nowhere. Many generations of my husbands’ family traded there. It was the place to get a soda and sweet roll back in the day. “Mr. Almar” (south Georgia pronunciation adds the “R”) always stood at his old cash register and would rarely let you walk out of his store with change in your pocket! The diversity of items he stocked in that little store was awe inspiring. It seemed he somehow knew in advance exactly what you would need to repair a broken water pipe, or what size bolt fit your tractor. He would just point to a dusty corner, and tell you to look in an old paper bag on the floor, and VIOLA… there it was! He will never be forgotten.

  4. Lori ODell

    My mama was from k’vile. alma Thornton was her cousin

    • Jay Thornton

      Alma is my Great Uncle. My dad is Harold Thornton and my Grandpa is Joe Thornton, one of Alma’s brothers. I haven’t been to K’ville in a long time. I understand there is still a store close by the old one that is owned by family.

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