Hoggard Mill Courthouse, Baker County


Hoggard Mill was a settlement on the banks of the Ichawaynochaway Creek. Courthouse usually refers to a voting precinct, but many also served as places where disputes could be settled and kept out of an actual court.



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4 responses to “Hoggard Mill Courthouse, Baker County

  1. Lil

    I have voted here many times–long ago!

  2. John Ethredge Tyson

    This is great! Baker county, home of my family, including my grandmother Ms. Eula Azalee Collins Griffin, the Tysons, and Eth(e)re(i)ges

  3. Tina Haywood Battle

    My great grandfather, Joe Haywood, Sr., was living in this area when he entered the WWI draft in 1916. I recently took my mother and my aunts to see this place so they could be connected to their history.

  4. Rosie L. Collins

    Thank you for the infornation regarding my grandfathers birth place and the place where by grandma reared my mother , aunts and uncles. I was so happy when I saw Elmodel and Haggard georgia. I will use this information for my first cousins reunion this year. Thank you so much….

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