Tastee BBQ, Donalsonville


When I photographed this it was Fain’s. I believe it’s most recently been Hew’s. Either way, it’s Tastee.

5 thoughts on “Tastee BBQ, Donalsonville

  1. Gayle Sheffield Floyd

    Just a few facts about THE Tastee Freeze by the daughter of the builder and owner, for many years. Trivia if you will!! The Tastee Freeze was built in the late 50’s when times were a little slower.
    Rupert Sheffield built and named D’ville’s “varsity”, the parking lot was a dusty place for all the kids to pull up and have a tray hooked to the window. Great burgers etc!!! My aunt, Mercedes was a friend to all of us kids, she would even fill the old juke box and blair out of the outside speakers for us on the ball field across the street!! The coaches didn’t care to hear Lil Richard right on to The Beatles and Conway Twitty . it was great after my teen years as well.
    The carhop was my cousin who would name the parts of the atom for a tip!

    I just had to go back to a wonderful time.I still have an original Tastee Freeze tray, it’s still in great condition to remind us that things made in the USA still survive.
    Thank you for your work,
    Gayle S. Floyd

    By the way, the Methodist Church in neighboring Iron City would be worth exploring if you are back in this area.

  2. bkhuna

    It’s one of the peculiarities of the Deep South. The best places to eat are usually only open for breakfast and lunch and never, ever on Sunday.

    1. drtrd Post author

      I do from time to time, Phil, but many of them keep odd hours and so when I’m passing through they aren’t open. Still, some of my best meals have been in these sorts of establishments during my photo trips…


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