Royal Singing Convention, 1977, Mystic

This photo was made by Howard Marshall in 1977, as part of a folklife project funded by the Library of Congress. It depicts a dinner-on-the-grounds, which is a communal dining experience sadly disappearing from today’s church and family gatherings. To see more images like this, please visit the wonderful South Georgia Folklife Collection.

4 thoughts on “Royal Singing Convention, 1977, Mystic

  1. Kathryn Booth

    My Great uncle, William Jackson Royal, was founder of the Royal Singing Convention in Mystic, Ga. So seeing these photos and hearing about the history in that area means a lot to me…The old Tabernacle burned but there are several monuments there with the names of people who sang there, the history of the shape notes, a bust of Wm. Jackson Royal , history of the singing convention and more located by the cemetery. Thanks,Brian,for this site…….Kathryn

  2. Steve Simpson

    My grandfather(SA Parrish) was very much involved with the Royal Singing Convention. He played with the Irwin County Quartet with OL Luke, Elmon Barber, and Jackie Lee Clark. Maybe Semer Clark as well.

  3. Judi Fergus

    What a treasure this site is! I am thrilled to find the link on the Georgia Folklife Project. They have an exhibit on Sacred Harp music and we are planning a festival for it. Keep up the important work!

  4. Joi Kinnett

    There is a good chance that I was there the day this photo was taken. My family was very much involved with the Royal Singing Convention. My aunt married into the Royal family. My grandmother attended the convention with her new husband in 1923. They had eloped and her father found her there.


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