Adam Strain Building, 1813, Darien

Identified in 2008 as one of the state’s Places in Peril by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation, the Adam Strain Building is one of only two survivors of the 1863 burning of Darien by Union troops, and is the oldest building in the city. It is thought to be one of the oldest commercial structures remaining in Georgia, if not the oldest.

In his excellent book, Early Days on the Georgia Tidewater: The Story of McIntosh County & Sapelo, local historian Buddy Sullivan notes: Although the waterfront warehouses were destroyed, the thick outer walls of the two-story building on the upper bluff later known as the  Strain building, survived. This structure had been built ca. 1815 and still stands as Darien’s oldest building. In mentioning the thick, outer walls, he refers to the 1870 refurbishment, necessitated by damage during the Civil War.

This view shows the circa 1810 ruins of tabby riverfront warehouses which supported the growing cotton and timber trades and made Darien the second busiest port in Georgia in its heyday.

UPDATE: As a deadline for demolition approached, a new owner came forward and the structure is in the process of being saved. (2020-2021)

National Register of Historic Places

13 thoughts on “Adam Strain Building, 1813, Darien

  1. Eddie Wildsmith

    If I’m not mistaken, I think my grandfather C. V. Abbott,had a icehouse in that building, years ago.

  2. Debra

    A wonderful building which is just one example of why Darien and the surrounding area is so important and worthy of preserving. Brian, thanks for your good work.

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  4. Sherri

    Considering its history, isn’t it funny that this building now looks so … burned? It really catches the eye and I hope someone can save it. My list of “hope someone can save it” buildings is so long though.

  5. Brian Brown Post author

    Mike–Many thanks for stopping by the Ritz! It was so nice finally meeting you, and I really appreciate your encouraging words. Hopefully, we can get together and make some photos sometime…

  6. bkhuna


    Can you recommend some good, down home places to grab some grub between Lyons and the Darien/Brunswick area. We usually eat at Skipper’s or B&J when in Darien, but we haven’t been in the Lyons area yet.

    With all your ramblings, you should consider another spin off – Vanishing South Georgia Roadfood.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Mike–have you tried Mudcat Charlie’s? It’s right off 17 at Two Way Fish Camp…it’s great. Other than that, the best place I can think of off hand for a quick meal is Dubberly’s Hen House in Glennville, on Highway 57. Famous fried chicken, and everything else is great, too. You can’t miss it, and don’t let the appearance of the place fool you! I’d love to incorporate restaurants into the blog, but don’t see that as feasible right now with my schedule. I think ya’ll must be coming through this weekend and of course I’ll be out of pocket. I will be in Brunswick Friday for the artists reception at the Ritz Theatre. You should stop by if you’re in the area in the evening…

  7. bkhuna

    I too have shot this building. It’s a shame the electirc wires get in the way. I’d love to share a photo or two with you.

    Keep up the good work.

    Are you going to be in Darien for their Fall Fest. We’re driving up from Orlando…

  8. Joanna Cook

    Thanks for the wonderful pics as well as the history and link…! I live in Brunswick GA and have taken many pictures of the Adam-Strain building but could never really find a whole lot of history on it, this is awesome. Thank you =)

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Thank you for your interest, Joanna! I decided to call it the Strain Building instead of the Adam-Strain, because that’s what Buddy Sullivan used. However, Adam-Strain may be correct. Adam may have been a maternal surname of one of the Strains later on, and it evolved into just being called the Strain Building. Definitely worth checking into…


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