Marshall House, Circa 1848, Houston County


This fine Greek Revival plantation house has a double front door and double central hallway. It’s likely one of the oldest standing houses in Houston County. Thanks to James M. Marshall for the identification.



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15 responses to “Marshall House, Circa 1848, Houston County

  1. Brice Flynn

    Where in Houston County is this? I dont remember seeing this house. I live in Houston County!

  2. Karen Clesen

    Unfortunately, the house is gone but the graveyard remains on the side of Grovania Rd.

  3. Bill paul

    similar to my grandfather’s home -the Coleman house in Jefferson county.

  4. Karen

    I just moved to Houston County and would love to know exactly where this is!

  5. James M Marshall

    This home was my Great-Great- Grandfathers Plantation home in the mid 1800s I think. He is buried in a small cemetery with his wife behind the house that is now covered in trees. Large monument on grave.

    • What was his name? I’d like to add this information to the posting. Thanks for sharing.

      • Katheirne

        Is that the small grave yard way way behind the house but on Grovania road?? Or is it right behind the house itself?? There is a very small grave yard on Grovnia Road that is in a large farm field but the graves are surrounded by large trees. (until a month or so ago when they cut the trees down) I have always wondered about the people buried there.

      • Karen DuBois

        Brian, there is a two story house on S. Houston Lake Rd that was built by my great great grandfather Charles Austin Kersey before the turn of the century (I don’t know the date). It has been a few years since I was last in that area. At that time someone had bought it and was running a spa from it. On a whim I stopped by and asked if I could walk around. It had a central hallway with an oak stairway on either side. Upstairs were 4 large rooms. Out back there was still a buggy shed with a stable for the hoses and loft overhead for the hay. There was also still the smoke house standing. I don’t know if it is still standing, but it is neat to check out. The house is just south of the intersection of the road where the Flint Energy office is.

    • Karen DuBois

      James, are you related to any Kersey? It seems to me that there is a Marshall-kersey connection. Or maybe it is a Marshall-Jones connection.

    • LJ Hyde

      Beautiful! Do you have any old pictures of the interior?

  6. brian

    thats the only way i remember that house , other than someone replacing the roof………

  7. beth anderson

    What a beauty! Love the columns and the front doors.

  8. Wow! The is one great house! Do you think it is Neoclassical like turn-of-the-century or Greek Revival? It looks so Greek–wonderful, whichever it is!

  9. Andrew Wood

    Wow, what scale! And the tell tale vernacular flat siding around the front doors. Lovely. Who could ask for anything more?!

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