Rountree’s Store, Barney


Rountree’s Grocery is a rare survivor in Barney, typical of the vernacular commercial architecture once common throughout rural Georgia.




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3 responses to “Rountree’s Store, Barney

  1. janee weddell-hespenheide

    I used to go every summer back in the 60’s and 70’s to visit my granny Buelah Ingram on her farm. My aunt would take us into town and talk about the old buildings and the old school.The old Rountree store was also one she’d talk about. At one time this building had also been a bank. You’ll notice the bars on the window. One of my great aunts worked in this building when it was the bank.
    I noticed the last time I had gone by the sagging floors were not sagging! Thank you to those who helped keep this old building alive. I know that it’s probably over hundred years old. Anyone know when it was built?

  2. debby

    Thanks, for the pic, used to go to Quitman ,GA every summer to visit my grandma. Lots of good memories.

  3. Glenn Elkins

    Im an old Georgia boy born and raised in Ray City Ga. Used to go with my mother and family to get peaches in Barney Ga.

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