A Note About Subscriptions

I’m so glad that so many people have chosen to subscribe to Vanishing South Georgia but several of you have dropped subscriptions or complained that you don’t like receiving so many posts at one time. I agree, it’s a bit too much when I post 30-40 images at a time. Nita Parry, a regular subscriber, asked me today if there was a way to manage or receive fewer emails. Here is how you do it (granted, WordPress should make it easier, but for now this is the way they do business): When you subscribe, the confirmation email you receive will have a message at the bottom that reads: Want less email? Modify your Subscription Options. Click on Subscription Options. And follow the directions from there. An easier way to do it is to simply scroll down the page after you’ve confirmed your subscription, click on the Delivery Frequency tab in the dropdown menu beside the blog name and you can check Immediately or Weekly. By checking weekly you’ll only get ONE email per week. I know this seems complicated, and WordPress really needs to improve it, but until then, this is the way to do it. If you encounter any problems during this process, contact me and I’ll try to help you through it.

12 thoughts on “A Note About Subscriptions

  1. Sharon Hood

    All the old houses and barns in my area (North Alabama) that are falling down or overgrown with weeds and trees have called to me for years – you are an inspiration to me – Have to get out my camera and capture all these before they are gone for good! Thanks

  2. Mockingbird

    I really enjoy getting all of the photos. I’m retired, so I have time to view them. Thanks for the emails.

  3. jackd

    An RSS feed works well, too. I use Google Reader. It does sometimes give a false positive, apparently when an older post gets touched or updated. Not a big deal.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Glad to see that people are using the RSS option, as well, Jack. On a site like this, I’m constantly editing, updating, correcting, and adding new information as it becomes available, so that explains the false positives…

  4. Gayle S. Floyd

    I opted for the weekly report. Enjoy the site, but don’t have time to review every day. You are awesome!!!!

    1. Peggy Anderson

      I can never see too many of your photographs. Just don’t ever stop sending them. Too much is never enough for me. I guess I am just greedy for them. Please do keep them coming.


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