Tenant House, Broxton



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5 responses to “Tenant House, Broxton

  1. Terri

    Even better for you,im not even all the way in Broxton,well if u hit nimber 10 and Roses creek,U got me..lol.Go to my Facebook,and lemme KNOW its u for sure, and I will give you my Number!..U doing WHAT I WOULD DO as a JOB!..lol..It is ALL History,and all sooo Interesting! I would Love to go with You Brian,and show you some area”s around here you Prob. would enjoy,being you like it like I do! 🙂 So,Stay in Touch and Be safe n God Bless +
    Terri.S. 🙂

  2. Terri Spires

    I live 1 Block from this street.My home was built in 1938,and I still live in it,QUITE COMFORTABLE I must add,beised Certified Haunted.lol.! NO JOKE..lol..Roses creek Is also a creek that crosses across our Back Land..Besutiful CounrtyLife! 🙂

  3. John Matthews

    Check out House of Edgeworth tobacco barns in South Carolina.

    Much drama and life gone by here . . . and some of us with enough age to remember the middle and tail end of it.

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