Railroad Street, Rebecca


Rebecca remains one of my favorite places to visit when I’m near my hometown of Fitzgerald. This is the “main drag”, or what once was. The building on the left is the city hall.

11 thoughts on “Railroad Street, Rebecca

  1. Brenda Hogan Callaway

    My Dad grew up in Rebecca, GA. I visited Rebecca a lot growning up. Mr. Shivers emporium was a fun place to visit. Bessie Sellers Cafe had the best Friday night fish fries anywhere. Pleasant Hill Baptist Church fifth Sunday night gospel rings will always hold special memories. Most of all ..was the residents of Rebecca! The friendliest most generous people in the world….each one was considered extended family. Rebeeca, Georgia holds a special place in my heart..as well as a multitude of fond memories of special people.

  2. Jan Maurer

    My husband and I purchased the former mayor’s house in Rebecca. The house is full of character! We love it! It’s amazing to sit outside at night on the front porch and imagine what it was like 100 years ago in this area.

  3. Ken

    Since Fitzgerald was not founded until 1895, it is certainly possible that Bowen’s Mill existed before then.

  4. Bernice "Jean" Aplin Lee

    I grew up in Rebecca. in a house west of main street on Highway 90. The house is still there but no one lives there now. My mother, Bernice Aplin, still lives in Rebecca just behind Piney Grove Baptist Church on Double Run Street.

    There is a small jail in Rebecca that you might want to take a picture of.

    My name is Bernice Jean Aplin Lee. My father, Henry “Bay” Aplin was the first black city councilman and also the first and only black mayor of Rebecca. He died in April 2002.,

    1. Janice Doyle

      Hello, My name is Janice Doyle. I’m a friend of your Brother Eddie Aplin, I knew him when I lived in Atlanta. I had his phone number and have missed place it. And really would to get in contact with him again, the last I spoke with him which was about 2014, He was in the hospital due to back problems. Please, if you don’t mean please have him contact me at (229) 429-5410. I know your mother Mrs. Bernice Aplin, I sold her a cell phone years ago when I worked at Alltel. Thank you, so very much. Janice Hill-Doyle.

  5. Bill Lanier

    We travel the backroads frequently from St. Augustine to Atlanta, and have recently found a route we like that takes us from Waycross through Douglas, thence we Bowen’s Mill road. What is odd, is that Bowen’s Mill road goes to Fitzgerald. We found dirt roads that by-pass Fitzgerald, but can’t help wondering why it goes to Fitzgerald instead of Bowen’s Mill. I assume that Bowen’s Mill is older than Fitgerald. Can anyone one confirm that?


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