Metter High School, 1910

This is now home to the Candler County Historical Society Museum.

National Register of Historic Places

7 thoughts on “Metter High School, 1910

  1. Dr. Fay Stapleton

    My Mother, Sue Nell Jones Stapleton, graduated from Metter High School in this building in 1938. And I attended kindergarten there THREE years! My older sister went to kindergarten, and I was so lonely in the country and cried, so my Mother let me go when I was 3, 4 and 5! I remember the coal outside near the basement, and playground equipment that should have been declared “lethal.” Somehow we all survived….

  2. Carolyn Reardon Davis

    I went to kindergarten in this building in 1945-46….Mrs Fay Bell was my teacher… in elementary school, we walked across the road to this building to the lunchroom on the second floor…they later built a lunchroom beside the elementary school

  3. Diane Thompson Dixon

    In 1949-1951, this building housed the first and second grades. Possibly other years. I attended there in those years. Mrs. Nonie Holloway was my first grade teacher on the first floor and Mrs. Bird was my second grade teacher on the second floor. If I remember correctly, the Draft Board held their night meetings on the second floor.

  4. David Robinson

    I went to kindergarten in the old high school building in about 1964. I guess that’s about the time the new high school building was opened up.


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