Rhoades House, Wrightsville


This is my favorite house in Wrightsville. It gives me  hope that the Marcus Street neighborhood in which it’s located will someday get much deserved inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

UPDATE:  A preservationist contacted me recently (November 2017) to let me know this house had been torn down. I passed through Wrightsville soon after and saw it myself, a pile of boards. This is a real loss for Wrightsville.


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4 responses to “Rhoades House, Wrightsville

  1. I think I’ve driven past that one – is it really, really, really tall ? Like, from the side it appears to be 3 stories?

    I enjoyed glancing through the tour guide piece – someone in that town has
    their eye on preservation.

    • It did seem rather tall, but maybe not three stories. I think there’s a similar house that may be a bit taller. That’s probably the one you’re thinking about, and it’s near this one…

  2. My personal chimes are ringing for Rhoades House. Bravo.

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