Tenant Farmhouses, Peach County

Raymond Clark writes: These were the homes where people lived who picked peaches for the Mike Pearson family. I used to work for the Pearsons in the 1980s when I was a teen. African-Americans used to work in the peach field and peach package house before Mexicans took over.The houses were abandoned after Mike Pearson left the peach business and began working for Blue Bird. The Lane family took over peach business.


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3 responses to “Tenant Farmhouses, Peach County

  1. Brian you just took me back to my childhood. I haven’t seen or heard of a Chinaberry tree since I left Georgia in 1967. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Victor McGough

    When I spent the summers in South Georgia, as a kid, with my aunts and grandmother I found that Chinaberries made great slingshot ammo.

  3. Quincy Webb

    You could stand under a chinaberry in a summer rain and not a drop of water would get to you, their canopy was so thick!

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