Vernacular Farmhouse, Mystic


I’ve photographed this old farmhouse many times over the years and it’s one of my favorites. I believe it was a tenant house. As of 2016, it doesn’t look like it will be around much longer.


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14 responses to “Vernacular Farmhouse, Mystic

  1. Kathryn Booth

    Hey,Brian…Just wanted to say that I just found this site today and was in awe of your pictures! My great uncle was William “Uncle Billy” Jackson Royal who founded the Royal Singing Convention in Mystic, So any ties and information I come across about Mystic,Ga means so much to me! Thank you for this site and your beautiful pictures!

  2. Hadley

    Hey Brian, Im looking to photograph this building for a shoot dealing with the great depression. But I had the hardest time finding this building. Any tips on how/where to look?

    • Hadley: It’s between Ocilla and Mystic (closer to Mystic) on GA 32. It’s a dirt road to your right; go down it about a mile or less and you’ll find the house. Good luck…would love to see your shots when you get them!

  3. I love your photo’s of old GA. It kinda makes me feel like I am walking with my family of long years ago. When I look at some of your photo’s of Echols , Liberty, Counties and the old homesteads. I just set and image what it was like for them to farm and raise their kids. All of my family comes from middle to South GA., North Fl. Thank you for all the hours you put into doing this.
    Gail Westberry Williams (5th Great Granddaughter of Rev. Moses Westberry)

  4. Joan Holloway

    I think this is my all-time favorite! Absolutely beautiful. You are quite the artist.i

  5. michael simpson

    I have been to a lot of these places in Ben hill and Irwin counties with Brian along with my brother. And they are even more beautiful and interesting in person. Its like you can still feel the presence of the people who once lived there!

  6. Judy Burchette

    OH! they are both fabulous subjects to view and admire! They do compliment each other!

  7. Great capture. I like the cotton in the foreground too!

  8. Reaetta

    Hey Brian, I love your photos and I was just wondering if you were thinking of photographing Newton County, Covington Georgia. Do you think that you will visit this area?

  9. Mary J. Washnock

    Love the cotton in the foreground….And the old house !

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