Georgian Cottage, St. George


Though it’s been slightly modified over the years, this house is a great example of the so-called Cracker-style architecture once common throughout South Georgia and North Florida.

4 thoughts on “Georgian Cottage, St. George

  1. Kathy Miley Beverly

    Hi Brian, I am thinking this house might have been the house my Granny & Grandpa Griner lived in for many years. They probably bought it in about 1938 or so, and lived there until (Granny died in about 1961) about 1975 or 1976. Grandpa then moved to Nahunta to live with his son Robert Griner. Grandpa died in 1983, I think. He was 97. So, Grandpa sold the house in about 1975-1976 timeframe. When my grandparents had the house, it was kept up very well and was a very nice home. Do you know if this house was on the main drag coming in from Fargo and headed out towards the river and the house was about a block past downtown, on the left? I just don’t remember the dormer on the front, but somebody could have added that later. My name is Kathy Miley Beverly, my mother was a Griner and lived in this house maybe if it is the one. Grandpa got a job after the depression as a rural mail carrier in St. George. Before that, he was a school teacher.

    1. Kathy Miley Beverly

      Hi Brian, I went a step further, went on Google Earth, and the house my grandparents lived in is no longer there (on Hwy 94 east), or rundown so bad you can’t see it under the bushes & trees, but this house north of town on the right (across from the school on the Folkston hwy. is still standing, and it looks like somebody has remodeled it, and it looks pretty good. My sister Marilyn said that our Aunt Sarah & Uncle Bill Norman lived in this house back in the 1940’s — Don’t know the exact dates–Bill Norman’s family ran the General Store in St. George back then. So, the house I remember is no longer standing, or barely standing under some trees & bushes . I thought I could see a bit of the old house but wasn’t sure of what I was looking at. It makes me sad, because I have a lot of memories from family reunions and birthday celebrations in the back yard on hwy. 94, about 2 blocks from town on the left.


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