Queen Anne House, 1900, Waycross



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5 responses to “Queen Anne House, 1900, Waycross

  1. Ron

    When I was a little boy, my parents bought a Victorian house on Jane St. and tore it down. We moved the front half out to our land in Sandy Bottom. The house was on the corner of Jane and Nicholls St. across from the Coca-Cola bottling co. They were building the viaduct while we were tearing the house down. That part of Jane St. is now Hwy. 84. The house still sits unfinished on Satilla Trail in Sandy Bottom.

  2. Nick

    no fear my friend we now own this house and will be moving in to it this year and restoring it, I lived there in 03-04 but could not buy it at that time

    • Nick

      I would love to have my house picture up dated, lol, we are painting it, and it is not going to be sold again. we are cleaning and painting before moving back there, in a year or so I may have all that done, would love to have you come and reshoot it

      • Nick, as soon as I’m in Waycross again, I will come by an reshoot it. Glad to know you’re working so hard on it!

      • Nick

        thanks, man. for the work you are doing and for loving old places as much as we do, If I was a rich man all I would do is buy old homes and fix them up

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