Clements’ Drugstore, Pineview

View of Side Wall and Mural Before Demolition of Clements Drugstore in Pineview GA Wilcox County Photo Courtesy of Betty Thomas for Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

When I first posted an image of “Doc” Clements’ drugstore nearly four years ago, the building was in bad shape, as evidenced by the boarded-up second-floor windows. But I see lots of places like this in small towns all over South Georgia, and I didn’t think much else of it until Betty Thomas sent me a message that it was being demolished.

Demolition of Clements Drugstore in Pineview GA Wilcox County Photo Courtesy of Betty Thomas for Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

On 31 May 2013, she wrote: As for Doc’s Store, the new owner was holding out for more money, until it was too late! The roof caved in and the front bricks started bulging out. It became a hazard to the town and the main highway GA 112 going through town. Actually before they got it completely torn down, the brick wall on the highway side did collapse into the street this past weekend. The owner had several offers from folks wanting to buy, but he would never accept any of them! I know that a couple of the ones that wanted the store wanted to restore it and open it up for business again…I was told that the owner paid more to have it torn down than what he purchased it for!

Demolition of Clements Drugstore in Pineview GA Wilcox County Small Town Identity Photo Courtesy of Betty Thomas for Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

I’m so glad that Betty made these photographs to document the loss of such an important place. Please do not share her images without credit.

 Images of deconstruction: Courtesy Betty Thomas (2013)

Below is my photo of the drugstore, from 2009.


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12 responses to “Clements’ Drugstore, Pineview

  1. Some of these property owners are idiots.

  2. Benjie Floyd

    Gone with the Wind.

  3. Laurinda Norris

    How sad that the building ended up destroyed when it could have been sold. In the end the owner got nothing. Realtors always say that property is worth no more than people are willing to pay for it.

  4. This brings back precious memories of a far better time.

  5. It’s painful to see such historic old buildings being demolished. It would be better were they kept in good repair to teach our children the history of our home places.

  6. Randall

    I don’t know how to define South Georgia. I guess to me it’s always meant anything south of Macon, east or west.

  7. markslaughter72

    Vanishing right before our eyes … it never ceases to amaze me how little our world values the built environment that helped make us what we are. Thanks to you, Betty Thomas and other like-minded people who help preserve these touchstones to our past through photographs.

  8. Ben Dooley

    As is the red roofed modern example of commerce seen across the street to the left.

    • Very true, Ben…by the way, did you see the link to the Tattnall courthouse that I posted in the comments?

      • Ben Dooley

        Missed it Brian until now, but I did a google search and came up with the same info. The photo showing front and side views of the building taken shortly after completion reveals the building in all its original magnificence. Some good old buildings started out as truly grand old buildings.

  9. Ben Dooley

    A sad commentary on our values today.

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