Saddlebag House, Queensland


Very few houses of this era survive in Queensland, but they were once common in this historic African-American community. Very little is known of the area, though it had a school through the late 1950s/early 1960s. The organization of churches here in the late 1870s indicates it was likely a Freedmen’s community, with employment likely found in the timber industry of the day. Owen Stewart, Jr., a Queensland native and resident, is presently writing a history of the community.


7 thoughts on “Saddlebag House, Queensland

  1. Owen F. Stewart Sr.

    Queensland has a very rich history. My Sister Dottie Blount told me about this site. It nearly bring trars to my eyes when I see these old houses. I grew up in and around Queensland. I went to Queensland E&H all my life. I finished there in 1963. People think it is strange when I tell them that I went to one school for 12 years with the same principal : M.C. Pettigrew. I was giving a speech in Rockville, Maryland and mention that I was from Fitzgerald,Ga. and there was a lady there that was the neice of M.C. Pettigrew. She knew all about that school but had never met anyone from that area. LOL. I am putting togather a history of Queensland. Will get back with you on it.

  2. Amanda Stewart

    Two of these houses are of my family members. The Vernacular house is my grandmother’s house and the tar paper house is one of my great aunts house. I’ve known people who have lived in the abandoned house and my father and his sisters and brothers went to the school.

    It was torn down and a church built.

    1. Brian Brown Post author

      Amanda, what was the name of the people who lived in the houses? I like to put a name with a house so future generations of a family or a community can see them. If I don’t hear from you here, I will try to reach you by email. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Sherri

    A lot of memories left behind. I will have to double check this, but I think the Willacoochee Baptist Assoc. organized the Queensland School. I think they received funding from up north, at least to begin with, though it wasn’t a Rosenwald School like the original, and attractive, Monitor was.


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