Richland Baptist Church Cemetery, Twiggs County


Richland’s beautiful cemetery is the final resting place for many Georgia pioneers, people who settled the state’s interior when it was still a wilderness. It is truly a landmark in and of itself.


Part of the cemetery is located in the churchyard with another section across the highway.


This urn-style headstone is a memorial to Amanda Beckcom, wife of S. L. Richardson.


Mary Radford, Wife of B. Radford (1785? – 22 May 1861)


James Ware (26 February 1785 – 6 June 1856)


Mary Ware (14 April 1789 – 17 September 1855)


James Monroe Ware (22 August 1815 – 1 January 1862)


Sarah Elizabeth Glover (25 May 1827 – 19 February 1846) Daughter of Thomas & Elizabeth


John Hodges McCallam (4 April 1839 – 9 March 1848) Son of Archibald & Sarah

If you visit here please be respectful. There has been damage done here by vandals in the past. Places like this represent not only the sacred memories of the families who have spent near two centuries maintaining them but also an important link to the early history of Georgia.

National Register of Historic Places


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3 responses to “Richland Baptist Church Cemetery, Twiggs County

  1. Another of my favorite things to explore, old cemeteries. I wonder if the Wares are related to Nicholas Ware for whom Ware County is named. He was mayor of Augusta in the early 1800s.

  2. Ben Dooley

    This is another beautiful building…it is testimony to my belief that our forbearers were so much more aware of what is good architectural design than we are today

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