Surrency Baptist Church, 1901

Surrency Baptist Church Appling County GA Landmark Tall Steeple Clapboard Construction Picture Image Photograph Copyright © Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2013

Thanks to Fred Cooper for suggesting that I photograph this church, as well as the two houses that follow. Though I’m not sure of the date of this structure’s construction, Fred notes that it’s well over a hundred years old.


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2 responses to “Surrency Baptist Church, 1901

  1. Fred Cooper

    Thanks, Brian! I will ask my mother about the charter date and construction date and post it. Others on Vanishing South Georgia may know as well.

    • Fred Cooper

      I spoke to my mother yesterday and my brother about the Church. They did a lot of research years ago but there was not a lot kept as archives. The Church constituted in 1900 and built the sanctuary. Construction was completed in 1901 and the first services were held in the sanctuary. Mr. Surrency who owned a lot of the town at that time donated two lots next to each other for a Baptist and Methodist Church. The Baptists built first and the Methodists sold their lot to Mr. Johnson who built the house next door and the Methodists built their Church across town. The Church was up for the National Historic Register at one time due to the unique tall steeple on a small Church but the congregation was told that they had added too many modern touches and built Sunday school Rooms on back. The Johnson House is on the register.

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