Brown Farmhouse, Ben Hill County

Brown Farm Farmhouse Ben Hill County GA Peaches Pecans Photograph Copyright Vanishing Media USA 2013

For the Christmas season I thought I’d share this image, circa 1960, of the farmhouse where my father grew up in Ben Hill County. Bricks were added to the house later. The beautiful cedar on the right of the house is long gone, but I remember it.  And the two saplings in the front yard are pecan trees, much larger now and still productive. I can still see my great-grandmother, active well into her late 90s, rocking on the front porch while we played in the front yard. I was amazed by how many people remembered buying peaches from my family in the 1960s.



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5 responses to “Brown Farmhouse, Ben Hill County

  1. Nfutral

    Love this. Please tell me it is still standing.

  2. Hi Brian
    What was your Dad’s name? I am related to the Brown’s in this area.


    Hi Brian!! I love you sharing your family story, thank you so much. It brought a sweet feeling to my heart, since my Great-Grandpa’s family had peach orchards in Carrollton County, GA. He was George Robert Bryce, Scottish ancestry, a Methodist preacher and a chaplain in the Civil War. He moved his young family to Waco, TX and planted Georgia peach tree orchards on his Waco farm. He lived the rest of his life in Waco, died in 1908 at 70 yrs old. His wife was also from Carrollton,Co, Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Ann Aderholdt, German ancestry. My Mama was raised by these grandparents, and she said those were the best peaches in the world!! I enjoyed the Abandoned House & song you recently sent. I have a watercolorist friend that loves to paint houses. I shared your site with her, and am hoping she will paint that house, she loves it, and if she paints it, she’ll send a pic of her painting to you. Merry Christmas Brian, enjoy all your loved ones good times together. I so appreciate your passion for getting these old historic places photographed, plus the research you do of their history. Nell Glaze Hinson, El Cajon, California . . San Diego area.

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