Culloden City Cemetery

This historic cemetery has quite a few antebellum headstones and is well-maintained.

Some Historic Headstones of Culloden City Cemetery

William Henry Harrison Doyal (September 1840-9 August 1841)

He was the son of L. T. & Matilda Doyal. The Doyals were obviously Whigs and supporters of William Henry Harrison, who was running for President around the time of this child’s birth.

John S. Foster (9 July 1784-16 October 1858) (r) & Martha Foster (10 April 1792-26 June 1856)
Infant Child of  B. F. & Mary J. Jordan – Died 8 March 1860
Mr. Eliza Speer, Late Wife of Reverend Alexander Speer

She died 12th October 1838 With Strong faith in Glorious Immortality

Reverend Robert Flournoy (1797?-6 April 1854)

John Sneed (3 April 1773-22 September 1850) & Mary Sneed (7 January 1787-19 May 1858)

The headstones note that Mr. Sneed was a Virginia native and his consort a Rhode Island native. Below is a detail of the angel on Mrs. Sneed’s headstone.

Culloden Historic District, National Register of Historic Places

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