Watson Grocery, Wayside

The sign on the building originally read “Goodson Grocery”, but was later changed to “Watson Grocery”. I don’t know if this was simply an error, or if two different owners operated it over the years.

Wayside may have seen better days, but a historical marker placed in 1956 notes its early importance: “The Farmer’s Academy (later Planter’s Academy) was incorporated December 19, 1822 by Act of Legislature signed by Governor John Clark. Trustees included Bailey Bell, Adam Carson, Kinchen P. Thweatt, James Lockett, Cyrus Cotton, Samuel Barron and William Cowan. Early teachers were Wilson Whatley, William Whatley, Joe Carson, J. R. Jenkins, J. A. Bowers, James F. Barron. Family names on the school rolls were Barron, Hunt, Brown, Jones, Green, Hascall, Henseley, Whatley and Walker. The academy building was burned by Sherman’s forces in November 1864 and was never rebuilt.”

For a more thorough history, see this summary by Jones County historian Carrie Williams:


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