Newman House,1855, Sandersville

Sandersville GA Major Mark Newman House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Major Mark N. Newman (1827-1906) of Company C, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry, built the first section of this house in 1855. It was extensively remodeled before the Civil War, with the front porch being added then.

North Harris Street Historic District, National Register of Historic Places


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2 responses to “Newman House,1855, Sandersville

  1. Ray Irwin

    Thanks for posting this lovely and historically significant house.

  2. Ray Irwin

    The Newman-Barja house is one of four houses in Sandersville that are physically the same and in the same location as they were in 1864. The other three are in the first 1-4 list that I sent you. Newman was a Confederate veteran, a merchant and ordinary and treasurer of the county for about 25 years. While holding this job he preserved important data about that period. (Irwin 68) (Jordan 221) This in in the anthology we prepared for the art show. Please do not feel that you need to alter your original statements unless you want to do so. I just thought you might be personally interested in the additional info. RI

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