Bradley House, 1893, Glennville

Glennville GA Tattnall County Bradly House Photograph Copyright Brian Brown Vanishing South Georgia USA 2015

Dylan Edward Mulligan writes: This house was built in 1893 by J. B. Seckinger and was originally a single story house. It was purchased in 1916 by John Daniel Bradley, Sr., who was the president of the Collins & Glennville Railroad. The Bradleys remodeled the house in 1932, adding the second floor and the columned porch. It is still owned by a member of the Bradley family who does not reside in Glennville.


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4 responses to “Bradley House, 1893, Glennville

  1. Belita Seckinger

    This was built by one of my cousins but way before my time. It is awesome to see family history being preserved. I’m the granddaughter of Cliff and Virdie Seckinger. My father is Darwin Seckinger. I grew up in Glennville. Thank you

  2. Brandon Overholser

    Hey man, you take beautiful pictures but I do really wish you would do a little more research into the sites you photograph and wish you would include addresses. I love teaching my daughters about local history and would love to take some pictures of some of these places myself. For example the Todd Grocery store has nothing to do with the founding of Gumbranch and has extemsive Todd family history behind it that many would find interesting in and of itself. Thank you for what you do. Just wanted to help you improve a little. And really appreciate the website.

    • Thanks for the compliments. I do as much research as I can but shooting hundreds of places a year it isn’t always easy to find. I depend on people who use the site to share histories of places. I think that is one of the best things about the site. I don’t include addresses due to privacy concerns of landowners. And I’d love to know more about the Todd Grocery. I didn’t think I said it was related to the founding of Gumbranch but I have probably said it was very important to the community. Information is always appreciated by me.

  3. Fred Cooper

    Do you have any information on this house. I have driven by it on the way to my home place for years and hoped someone would save it or the history of it. Beautiful house.

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