Aristides Callaway House, 1869, Wilkes County

Built by Aristides Callaway with bricks of Georgia red clay, the focal point of Callaway Plantation Historic Site was home to the Callaway family until 1910. It was never electrified or equipped with modern plumbing, so it’s an authentic glimpse into Georgia plantation life between Reconstruction and the early 20th century. Many original antiques can still be found in the house, as well. There are other historic buildings on this plantation, which is open to the public as a historic site operated by the City of Washington. It’s located five miles west of Washington on Georgia Highway 78, just across from the airport.

National Register of Historic Places



3 thoughts on “Aristides Callaway House, 1869, Wilkes County

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  2. Stephanie

    Callaway Plantation, a beautiful site, is operated by The City of Washington, not the Washington-Wilkes Historical Foundation.


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