Gilmore’s, Baldwin County

The only readable name on the signs on this building is Gilmore’s, but they also suggest that this was once a dining room of sorts, serving chicken, catfish, steak and shrimp. Kay Blizzard McGiboney writes: Gilmore’s…was actually an old general store. The owner cut fresh meat in the back. Even had the old glass candy cases. It was a great place.

3 thoughts on “Gilmore’s, Baldwin County

  1. johnboy91884

    It was a country store run by a sweet elderly couple who’d had the store for many years. Their names were Lonnie and Alicia Gilmore. The store closed after Mr. Gilmore was killed in a car accident in 1983, but the building remains there. I drive past it on my way home every day, and my Mom has told me many stories of Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore and of stopping at this store every day on her way home from town.

  2. Wayne Johnson

    I grew up about a mile from there. We got off of the school bus there, And walked home. Mr. Lonnie Gilmore was a fine man from what i remember.


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