Abandoned Store, Bridgeboro



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3 responses to “Abandoned Store, Bridgeboro

  1. Jeff Gibbs

    I know this was probably put up too long ago to be active now but I was wondering if anyone knew what store this was? My great grandparents owned a store in Bridgeboro, the Hamner Store. I was wondering if this was theirs.

    • Jack Williams

      Jeff Gibbs – I lived in Bridgeboro from 1950 till mid 1955 – and, although it is hard to recognize, yes indeed, this was Mr. and Mrs. Hamner’s store and also their residence. I’ve been in it many times. As I recall, there were four other stores there then: Brown’s Grocery, Crenshaws Store (also bus stop), Stricklands Store (and grist mill) and Ms Versey Price’s Store and all these storekeepers lived in them, also. Jack Williams

  2. Linda Gibbs

    If all the old buildings and houses we enjoy seeing now could talk……

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