Dr. John Middleton Spence House, 1902, Waresboro

Waresboro is the most historic community in Ware County, having served as the county seat before the establishment of Waycross. While looking around the area for sites to photograph yesterday, I met Joe Spence while he was tidying up the yard of this beautiful home. At 81, he has the energy of a man in his 30s and a reverence for the history of this house and community. He’s spent the better part of the past two years stabilizing and restoring it. He notes that it was not “in the family” for 90 years but persistent attempts to buy it from its last owner finally prevailed.

The home’s builder was his ancestor, Dr. John Middleton Spence, who once owned over 16,000 acres of land in the area. Dr. Spence went to Galveston after the hurricane of 1900 to assist in the recovery effort. He was so impressed by one house standing amid the ruins of others, with not a shingle touched, that he set about to locate the builder of that house and when he did he brought him back to Waresboro to build this house.

Please note that this is private property and not available for public tours.


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12 responses to “Dr. John Middleton Spence House, 1902, Waresboro

  1. J G Fenley

    I was just in Waresboro. Nicholas Ware was one of my uncles. I was impressed with the beauty of the house. I was wondering if this house was the house I say in the 1990s that was painted pink. I love the yellow color. I did snap a few photos. Do you know when the people first settled in Waresboro area? I would love to tour the house some day.

    • Brent Harris

      Yes ..it use to be called the pink castle i owned it at one time in 2002.. i hosted a family eater diner and had made 47 Easter baskets for the children that attended the home for a Easter gathering.

      • Judi Fenley

        It’s a beautiful home! I’m writing a novel set in your area. I read your home was modeled after another home that was destroyed by a hurricane. If this is true, do you know anything about the original home or where it was located? I’m doing research for my historic novel. Thanks for the reply. Sincerely, JG Fenley

  2. Jackie Vickers

    Waresboro’s own ” castle house”! Still absolutely beautiful!

  3. I have always admired this house. It’s just so beautiful!

  4. Miss Charlie

    Thank you for photographing this beautiful gem. The story completes the picture as well as the gentleman’s smile.

  5. Fantastic Restoration of a beautiful home! Many Thanks for finding this house and intervieweing it’s owner!

  6. What a great story and a beautiful house!

  7. This is a great story! This is the story we wish for so many other places.

    • Barbara Bivins

      This home in Ware County is beautiful! I’m glad you got to meet the owner who have you the history. Lumber City has some historical homes that faces the railway line. Two houses are side by side. Story is a rich lumber man had two daughters so he built them houses exactly the same! I love your photos and the history behind the places.

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