Blalock-Wright House, Circa 1792 & 1830s, Lincoln County

Built in 1792 by David Blalock, the house was originally a dogtrot. Rem Remsen acquired the house, which had already been expanded to two stories and used as a stagecoach inn, before 1840. Miss Gladys Wright, a retired Lincoln County teacher, lived here until her death at the age of 103 in 1999. Her grandfather purchased the property in 1852 and it remained in the family for 147 years.

One of few surviving 18th-century houses in Georgia, the historic Blalock-Wright House was saved from destruction by the Mildred Estes Fortson Heritage Foundation in 1999 but still faces an uncertain future.

8 thoughts on “Blalock-Wright House, Circa 1792 & 1830s, Lincoln County

  1. Ann Mathews

    The Blalock-Wright house has been acquired by the Lincoln County Historical Society of Lincolnton GA. Restoration was underway but was stalled because of COVID concerns. I am a member of the Society and the project of restoration has a lot of support.

  2. Paul Marat

    The Mildred Fortson Historical Society is now in possession of the house and are moving forward with restoration. Please contact them if you would like to help.

  3. Sharon

    We were in the area and notice the beautiful house in our sight and wonder if it was available for sale to restore to its original style..We saw the large tree has fallen and looks so abandoned …Just interested please respond any information….thanks..

    1. Melinda

      Sharon, from what I understand, some people from some group (the name escapes me) bought it with the intention of restoring and had it marked as an historical sight of some sort but that is as far as it’s gone to my knowledge. I got quite a lot of info by doing an internet search but I don’t recall the specifics.


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