South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018

On 3 January 2018, Winter Storm Grayson dumped snow all over Southeast Georgia, transforming the region into a winter wonderland.

As snow goes, it may not seem like much, but many locales received their first measurable snowfall in nearly 30 years.

Snow plows and sand trucks are rarely seen in these parts.

The snow was nicest in the woods.

Because of the novelty of this kind of weather in our part of the world, people were out enjoying it throughout the day.


9 thoughts on “South Georgia Snowstorm, 2018

  1. Alyssa McManus

    Did you see the ghost of Robert Frost out there? I think the snow on the saw palmettos is my favorite. Here in Tallahassee, we only got about 15 minutes of snow. Y’all got lucky!

  2. bribling

    Thank you! I love your photos of Snow! I live in Valdosta. It has probably been 20 years or more since it snowed here. We had enough to cover the ground and make it white but not quite enough to make snowballs or, maybe it just wasn’t “sticky” enough. The little girl across the street was so excited! I am glad that she got to see the snow as she may have a little girl of her own before it falls again. I have lived in Valdosta since 1962 and this is the third time that I recall seeing snow here. Beautiful and such Fun!

  3. Barbara Bivins

    Thanks for the beautiful snow photos . I am currently in Brantley county on the Satilla River and was able to make some great pictures.. What wonderful memories to have documented.

  4. Carol

    There was snow the January of 1968 when I was doing my student teaching at Ocilla HS. The county maintenance Dept had to borrow “ice on bridge” sign from Macon!

  5. Betty Smith

    Thanks for posting pictures of the snow in South Georgia. I remember just a little snow about 1960 in Fitzgerald, and we high school students were allowed to go outside for a while during school hours. Gerald and I have seen several snows here in Maryville, TN., but we have NO snow at this time–just frigid cold!! Betty Hester Smith

  6. Debbie

    Happy New Year Brian. Thanks for posting your S. GA winter photos. No snow here in southern TN (yet) but we’re freezing. Stay warm. Debbie


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