Prospect Primitive Baptist Church, Clinch County

There are some nice older graves in the cemetery. I’m sharing a few examples. These were pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.

I always like finding these wooden markers. They were much more common in the past but many have been lost to the elements or replaced with more permanent markers.

James T. (4 June 1831-17 March 1887) & Martha (1 February 1833-17 April 1900) Touchton. The stone of James is signed by the carvers, Wilcox & Lamance of Brunswick.

George H. Hutto (1 September 1895-6 October 1918) He gave his life for his country.

Randall Skinner, Private, Captain’s Knight’s & Johnston’s Company, 81st Regiment, Georgia Militia, Indian Wars (4 January 1802-15 April 1865)

Edmund Mathis, Private, Carter’s Independents, Indian Wars, (1776-1860)



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7 responses to “Prospect Primitive Baptist Church, Clinch County

  1. Many of my Dame ancestors are buried here at Prospect Primitive Baptist Church, and the annual Dame Family Association Reunion is held here on Labor Day Weekend.

  2. Barbara Fountain

    Love these old churches.

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  3. Victor McGough

    Great pics. I like seeing the old gravestones. While visiting the cemetery next to the Baptist Church in Lilly (Dooly County), I had to explain to my son in law what CSA on a grave stood for.

  4. Bryan Shaw

    Pvt. George H. Hutto drowned in the sinking of the HMS Otranto, along with 24 other of his Berrien County comrades. 470 soldiers, sailers, and crew members died when the Otranto went down

  5. seminoles790

    These photos of the church& cemetery was touching.i wonder if George H Hutto  and  I have family history? thanks for the photos

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