Millworker’s Houses, Fitzgerald

These are among the last of the millworker’s houses in the Fitzgerald Cotton Mills that haven’t been covered with vinyl siding.

The utilitarian structures were provided to employees of the mill and many families remained in them after the mill closed.

This was the last in original condition; I photographed it in 2009 and it was razed by 2010.

The Fitzgerald Cotton Mills, seen on a vintage postcard, circa 1912.

3 thoughts on “Millworker’s Houses, Fitzgerald

  1. Leslie M Johnson

    My grandparents lived in Abba, and did all of their shopping and banking in Fitzgerald. I loved the area and enjoy seeing the pictures of the area

  2. Linda Gibbs

    I grew up in Fitzgerald and went by this mill and the houses on school bus and had aunts that worked in the mill. Haven’t been in this area in over 40 years.

  3. Sharon Rice

    I’ve lived in Fitzgerald since 1984. I’ve seen the homes, but of course, I
    haven’t seen the cotton mill in the condition pictured on the post card.


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