Hopeulikit, Georgia

Hopeulikit is best known for its curious name (pronounced Hope-u-like-it) and many passing through the area wonder what all the fuss is about. It is on the map after all. As it turns out, the Hopeulikit was a dance hall during the 1920s and 1930s and was so popular that the surrounding community adopted its name. The old dance hall is long gone, as is the Ellis store, which was the commercial center of this rural community about seven miles north of Statesboro.


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5 responses to “Hopeulikit, Georgia

  1. Butch wilson

    Where is it at

  2. Herbert Britt

    I would love to drive through South Georgia again and see many of the towns I knew as a child. My wife,who has gone to heaven in June, Went to Statesboro, Nevils, where I lived as a child, and met a sweet lady who remembered me. My dad was principal of the Nevils school where I started school. It’s still in use today,I believe. Great memories!

  3. brill63

    Brian, I love your sites! This is a cool story.

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