Main Street, Leary, Circa 1950

Leary, Circa 1950, Photographer Unknown. Courtesy John McKinney

Leary is one of my favorite little towns to explore in Southwest Georgia  and in the past decade I’ve seen most of these structures vanish from Main Street. John McKinney shared this photo, circa 1950, to help put things into perspective. The Boyd monument, which is now in a green space at the end of the street, is seen here in its original location.


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4 responses to “Main Street, Leary, Circa 1950

  1. Milton Kidd (Lunsford)

    This is the one year I was living there in the old John Tom Colley house; we were bussed to school in Morgan. In the pic the far “awninged” store was Dr. Bridges’ drugstore. Going on down cross the street is Maxwell Dixon’s filling station and ((I believe Pontiac) dealership. Just behind him was the old post office and Miss Mamie Roberts postmistress.

  2. vanne Hanisch-godoy

    This photo is priceless!! I can almost feel what it was like in those times!! Thank you for sharing!!

  3. That second car, the black one, is a 1952 Chevrolet, Brian. I owned one in 1957-58.

  4. Dottie Stewart Blount

    Hello Brian, just to let you know my stepmom was from Leary. We buried her there in 1999 at a primitive baptist church on the main road. Her maiden name was Jones. Lots of her relatives still live there but I don’t know them. My brother Jasper comes there to preach sometimes. Hope all is well! Blessings Brian!

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