Restoration of the Hotel Willard, Helena

Nearly three years ago, I reported that I had learned that this landmark, the most important surviving commercial structure in all of Telfair County, was being threatened with demolition. Soon thereafter, I learned that a local gentleman had stepped up and taken on its restoration. I’m glad to report that he has made a lot of progress, stripping paint off the brick and replacing windows. He has also done work on the interior, but it’s a slow process. I know there’s a long way to go, but how wonderful that someone chose to save this wonderful old hotel.



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7 responses to “Restoration of the Hotel Willard, Helena

  1. Tom Marney

    I wish I’d checked this site before my trip down that way on Halloween. Oh, well. It’s on my list now.

  2. Jesse Bookhardt

    As I traveled from my North Georgia home to my ancestral home in Jeff Davis County and back, over the years I have often admired this old Hotel. I surely hated it when it was reported to be destined to be torn down. It pleases me greatly that after all, this old South Georgia landmark will be saved. Bless the person who prized it enough to rescue it from it intended doom.

  3. Donna

    That’s great. We love driving through the area and seeing it. Hate when historic structures are torn down.

  4. Deb

    Hooray for the gentleman!👏

  5. Sharon

    I applaud the gentleman who is restoring this great landmark.

  6. Carol

    Glad there has been a change in status! The tower is looking nice.
    Carol N

  7. Debbie Racka

    Great photo and story Brian. It’s always good to hear about old buildings being restored.

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