The Gourdmaster’s House, Sylvester

As I was driving through Sylvester with my parents recently I turned on a side street and this delightful home immediately caught my eye. I got shots of all the other houses I was interested in and couldn’t wait to take a closer look at this one. Moreover, I was surprised I’d never noticed it before.

It wasn’t easy tracking down information, but my father recalled having seen a fascinating story on the Albany news about a gentleman who was working on a community garden in Sylvester that included a banana farm. He thought, just perhaps, this could be his home.

I’m always excited to find a new art environment and this one was special. As I approached the house, I felt it wasn’t the work of a traditional folk artist, but rather that of a skilled and trained professional. I also knew the creator was sharing a vision. The images depicted on the house blend Native American and African iconography and seem to pay tribute to displaced and endangered peoples.

After a bit of research I discovered that it was, in fact, the home of the gentleman my father had suggested. His name is Sam X White, and he’s known by many as The Gourdmaster Sam X, for his masterpieces of gourd art. But Sam is a Renaissance man. He’s a community activist, art educator, supporter of 4-H, and the man behind Sylvester’s Village Community Garden. He’s an ambassador for so much more than art and I hope his neighbors love his work as much as I do. I hope to meet him in the future.




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6 responses to “The Gourdmaster’s House, Sylvester

  1. Leland McGough

    some of his art reminds me of the images from the Native Americans in the northwest

  2. Sharon

    Wonderful art to be shared with all who pass by. I’m imagining the work it entailed. Sam X. White sounds like a fascinating man.

  3. Linda Warman Sims

    Awesome house and what a big century plant .Love it .

  4. Marty Barnes

    How nice to see this when news is so bad now!

  5. Emory Johnson

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