General Store, 1934, Powersville

This old general store has been restored and is well-maintained.

4 thoughts on “General Store, 1934, Powersville

  1. Jim Pollard

    I am not sure if my first request went through. I would like to use the facade of the store as an art project to be entered into the fair. A painting. After it has be oked by the owners. It will feature a model as a genre painting

  2. Rafe Semmes


    Your caption notes that this store has been preserved and is well-maintained. It reminds me of Alma Thornton’s Grocery off GA 203 between Patterson and Alma, a long-time good customer of my family’s (now-defunct) wholesale hardware business. While taking that small road as a bypass from US 84 to CR 32 to Alma/Douglas one weekend, several years ago (thus saving the few miles on 32 to Patterson, where I’d get back north onto 84 to Jesup), I discovered the older, smaller, original store that this one reminds me of — next to the newer, bigger store that was in business when we sold to them. Still a “small country store,” but vital to the residents of the area.

    I never found out if “Alma” was a man or a woman, but that little store did good business — in just general hardware — for a small country store out in the middle of rural GA! We had two larger general mdse stores in nearby Patterson (The Hyers Co. was one, just around the corner from the other) but they would still have been a little ways down the road.

    Patterson, sadly, has fallen into decline in recent years, and both our customers there are no longer in business. It looks like the school system is about the only economic engine of any size there now, other than the farms around. US 84 seems to be mostly a thoroughfare for vehicle traffic going from Waycross to Savannah, moreso than a road for just locals.

    Rafe Semmes Midway GA


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