Appling County Honors 2020 Seniors During Pandemic, Baxley

With over 43,000 cases* of the coronavirus (Covid-19) in Georgia, life as usual has been anything but since early March. One of the effects of the pandemic has been the closure of schools and much has been made of the fact that members of the Class of 2020 won’t be able to have a traditional graduation ceremony. While I’ve noticed yard signs honoring this historic class in towns all over South Georgia, I’ve seen nothing quite as memorable as this display by Appling County High School. Senior photos of each and every student have been placed on signs on the front lawn of Baxley City Hall. along busy U. S. Highway 341. I think it’s a wonderful gesture.

*-as of 25 May 2020

3 thoughts on “Appling County Honors 2020 Seniors During Pandemic, Baxley

  1. Rafe Semmes

    This is indeed impressive. The small coastal town of Darien, GA, has placards in front of their (small) Ida Hilton Library fronting U.S. Hwy. 17 (the main north-south road through town) with the McIntosh (County) Academy graduating seniors’ names on them — but not the pictures.

    Thanks for sending!

    Rafe Semmes Midway, GA


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