Walt’s Bar-B-Q, Weber

I can’t find any history of the Weber community, but considering that it was the home of Walt’s Bar-B-Q (Walt Gaskins) and the old Gaskins Consoldiated School, it seems it should have been called Gaskins. I imagine Walt’s was a landmark but looks like it’s been closed for many years.



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3 responses to “Walt’s Bar-B-Q, Weber

  1. Rafe Semmes

    Many years ago, my family’s wholesale hardware business had a customer in Alapaha named Gaskins Hardware Co. The Gaskins may have been related; that’s not a very common name around here. But that was really “before my time” (pre 1975) and I don’t know anything about those Gaskins, other than they were a small business in a small town, and didn’t buy very much from us.

    Coincidentally, I did have a good friend in two Russian classes at Savannah High School, 1968 – 1969, named Walter Gaskins. He went to Savannah State Univ. after high school, went through their Navy ROTC program, and then joined the Marines. He later became the first black general to come out of the SSU Navy ROTC program; was later awarded a second star, and was one of two speakers at the unveiling of a GA Historical marker in front of Savannah High School on Washington Avenue a dozen or more years ago.

    I doubt he has any relation to this Walt Gaskins, though.

    Thanks for sending!

    Rafe Semmes SHS Class of ’69

  2. Phil

    I wonder if they had to wait 45 years to get noticed like Utopia did?

  3. Bryan R Luke

    I remember my dad carrying me there to buy BBQ. That was the best BBQ
    I ever had.

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