Gabled-Ell Farmhouse & Log Corn Crib, Dodge County

This landmark farmhouse and barn were recently exposed after a clear-cut on the old River Road. My father brought them to my attention after traveling to Eastman to a baseball game recently.

It’s a typical unadorned example of one of the most common forms of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, but a very nice home for its time.

I’ve observed over the years that when properties are cleared, remaining abandoned structures are often quickly demolished to make way for changing land uses.

The log barn appears to be a corn crib or other storage structure. It is already collapsing but I’m honored to be able to document it.


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3 responses to “Gabled-Ell Farmhouse & Log Corn Crib, Dodge County

  1. Sharon

    Much of the building material appears to be salvageable.
    I imagine this property was once run efficiently as a farm and had a comfortable home.

  2. freddiehealthcogacom

    Thanks for your many shares, especially those in and around Dodge County.
    Probably can’t but asking will know for sure. Can you share the owner / local of this house corn crib?
    Or share my contact info with them and if they are willing to contact me¦ would like to maybe see it preserved and not lost totally.

    Thanks again for sharing and if you think appropriate please contact me or have them to contact me with a yes or no.

    Curator/Owner at Rustic Pines Milan, Ga.

    Freddie Dwozan, RPh President
    Medical Center Prescription Shop
    I.V. Care Options
    Hospice Care Options, Inc.
    D&B Home Care, Inc.
    478-374-6675 (Office)
    478-231-8017 (cell)

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