Pineville Church, Marion County

The community that was home to this church has long been lost to history, but at one time, Pineville was a thriving place. Today, this church is all that remains, and it is quite a mystery.

The church was of the Baptist faith.

2 thoughts on “Pineville Church, Marion County

  1. Mark Mettler


    Many small communities like Pineville just disappeared in the past 100 years because of the automobile. Many small communities simply dies out with the advent of peoples ability to drive to the store and to churches further than a 30 minute (2 mile) walking distance. Another major contributing factor was the loss of the passenger rail lines that jou=ined so many of these communities that were even larger than 60 people. Small community churches like the one pictured were tied to farming communities and the economic lower end farm homesteads. Less than 1% of American is now farmers, where 100 years ago greater than 40% were. Thank you for these photographic memories.


  2. Debbie Racka

    Beautiful pictures Brian. Your photos of the little church are proof that there was a community there and should be remembered.


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