Double-Pen Log House, Tattnall County

The original part of this structure was recently revealed when asbestos siding was removed. I’ve driven past it numerous times over the years and always believed it to be “older” than it looked. Thanks to Raven Waters for making me aware of the work being done; I’m unsure if it will be saved.

It has obviously been modified over time, with the higher roof line and chimney being later additions, though the chimney is made of handmade brick, indicating that the changes were made many years ago. It’s possible that the windows and/or door were cut out of the earlier structure. Most surviving houses of this type in Georgia date to the late 19th-early 20th centuries.

1 thought on “Double-Pen Log House, Tattnall County

  1. droughtbreaker

    There was a house on Gleaton Road, on Carson Bass’s farm which my father always told me was the oldest structure in that neck of the woods. Of course, it just looked like an ordinary tenant house but Daddy always told me it was really a log cabin. After many years vacant, some of the siding boards began to fall off and, sure enough, it was a genuine log cabin. I paid a visit to Mr. Bass in 1994, and the house was gone.

    While I am communicating, I want to ask if you ever drove the “Long Lonesome Road?” South of our farm there was and is a huge tract of land in pines, something like 40,000 acres. The Long Lonesome Road ran parallel to Gleaton Road, through the trees owned by the Altman family, from Ga 33 to Ga 313, 6 or 7 miles, without a single structure. I mention it because I believe it has now been closed to thru traffic and is now essentially a farm road. I never drove it, but always thought it must have been a pretty spooky drive. Now, I suppose I never will.

    Fred G

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